Soft as butter

Gorjus Whips

*Chemical free
*Cruelty free

Gorjus Whips body butter is so creamy!! The consistency is the most creamy body butter I’ve tried. It melts as soon as you apply it on to your skin. I used the adorable spoon included, to spread the butter. It has a nice fresh scent. It is kind of like a light subtle flower scent.

I have been using it on and off for some time. My skin hasn’t felt so soft. It is very gentle on my skin and doesn’t irritate.

It is made of all natural ingredients. No preservatives or colorants are used to make it. It moisturized and soften my skin.

Thanks to @gorjuswhips for allowing me to try it.

Can be purchased at the following link

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hydrate your hair

Okay pure naturals
Black Jamaican castor oil

*Moisture & growth

First I want to talk about how amazing these products smell. They smell like an island, like you’re in a meadow full of flowers. The lavender is very pleasant and floral. It lasts for hours.

The consistency is very creamy. It is a white creamy texture. It spreads easily through your hair. I start at my tips and work my way up to my roots. Once I rinse the shampoo, I work the conditioner in and let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse.

It leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated. After using it for a few weeks, my curls look smoother and moisturized.

Thanks to @okaypurenaturals for allowing me to try their wonderful products.

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Simple make up remover

Rejuva minerals
Cranberry fruit infused
Makeup remover pads

*100% natural
*No alcohol

Need something simple and easy to remove your makeup? These cranberry infused make up remover pads are simple to use. I used it to remover my make up and followed up by rinsing off the product.

All my make up was removed with a few swipes on my face. Easy removable and it doesn’t irritate your skin. I felt a slight tingling that went away when I rinsed my skin.

Thanks to @rejuvaminerals for the collaboration.
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Cocoa rich in flavor

Want a perfect blend of hot chocolate without the extra sweetness? Then Good now farms hot cocoa is the one for you! This blend is a rich chocolate that taste like true cocoa.

It doesn’t contain artificial flavors. It taste just like their chocolate does. You can add sugar if you like but I liked it without it. It makes a rich hot chocolate you can enjoy without the bad stuff.

At this time it is only sold in stores in San Francisco, but can be purchased on their online store.

Thanks to @goodnowfarms for allowing me to try it.

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Moisturize my curls

Okay pure natural
Black Jamaican castor oil

I wish you could smell how amazing this smells. It smells just like lavender and it lasts all day! It is very gentle on my curls. It is easy to spread through my hair. I start at my ends and work my way to my roots.

I love how it leaves my hair feeling moisturized and soft. My curls couldn’t be happier. They are easier to manage and soft to the touch. I will be using it for a while to see how my hair grows.

Thanks to @okaypurenaturals for allowing me to try this!
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Gentle for my skin

Placenta extract


This serum is very gentle on my skin. It has a very light plant like scent. It doesn’t smell floral, but like a common green plant. The consistency is like water, clear and thin.

I use it in the morning after cleansing my skin. I apply it and massage it into my skin. It leaves my skin glowing with every application. No greasy or oily residue.

Thanks to @worvie.com_official for allowing me to try their product!
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Bubbles not for me

Honey cream bubble mask

This mask was really fun and not like any I’ve tried. The cream turned into bubbles as soon as I placed it on my skin. It had a nice soft scent. It smelled subtly like honey.

When I went to rinse it off, it took some time as the bubbles kept reforming. Fun but a little messy.

After I rinsed and dried my skin, I did break out a little. My skin felt really dry. It may be that it doesn’t work for my skin but it may work for others. I have combination dry skin.

I received this product complimentary in a giveaway win from @sooae.official and all opinions are my own.

Improve the health of your dogs

Nurish Pet
Wild Alaskan salmon oil for dogs

*All Natural
*Improves metabolism and healthy shiny coat

These chews smell like fish, which is promising as that’s the main ingredient. My Rosy loves them and can’t get enough of them! Sometimes she pushes the container towards me to make sure she gets some!

She’s been eating these for about a month and a half, once a day. Since them her appetite had improved as have get bowel movements. It is very promising and I will happily continue to give them to her!

Thanks to @reviewdirectory for allowing her to try this at a discounted rate!

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Turkey for Rosy

Guess what I found in this month’s awesome Chewy box?! I found @zignaturedog turkey formula! It is made with limited ingredients and comes in a variety of turkey, duck and more. This was a hit on my paw menu!

I devoured it within minutes! My mom loves the recipe although she’s not crazy about the scent, but a happy dog makes a happy mom!

Thanks to @chewy @zignaturedog for this months meal in exchange for our honest review!
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Lxmi soothes your lips

Lxmi Nilotica lip melt has helped to soothe my dry lips. My lips suffer from dryness when it gets too cold. After many months of winter muy lips needed some tender loving! This lip melt is gentle on my chapped lips and maintains them moisturized.

It leaves my lips feeling moisturized and soft for hours! It leaves my lips feeling fresh with a slight tingle, that may be from the peppermint in the ingredients. It has a very light subtle scent.

Thanks to @lxmiofficial for allowing me to try their product!

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