What step will you cut out?

Hey every1one! I’m excited to announce I will be trying @formulate.co tailored shampoo and conditioner! I say tailored because it’s tailored to your hair needs, hair identity and your preferences! You start the process to your tailored shampoo and conditioner by taking a quiz, in the pictures you will see some of the preferences you get to choose. You decide what you want your shampoo and conditioner to do for your hair! There are so many benefits and scents to choose from! I will keep you all updated when I get my set and how my hair adjust to it!

What step / product are you looking to cut from your routine? I’m looking to cut a oil out of my routine that I use to keep frizz free!

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Hydrate with roses

I love how good this SNP Rose supercharged mask smells. It smells as good as real roses! It is a very appealing scent and I didn’t want to remove the mask. I applied it to my skin after cleansing and toning. It stayed still on my face for the twenty minutes I had it on. After I removed the mask I massaged the rest of the essence into my skin.

It left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. My skin feels hydrated and soft as a baby’s bottom!

The benefits of this mask are skin brilliance, radiant care and intensely hydrating.

Thanks @madforcos !
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Treat your skin with love

Guess who’s been taking care my skin with love this holiday season? @Yeouthskincare hyaluronic acid cream has! I’ve been applying it at night and it’s been helping me retaining moisture for the next day. It leaves my skin feeling plump and supple. It contains great ingredients that help maintain moisture such as Collagen- boosting tripeptide-31, Skin-strengthening vitamin C, Free radical-fighting ferulic acid and skin- shielding vitamin E.

It is a great product for fighting aging skin. It has a tightening effect as it absorbs into the skin. It is great for all skin types.

Thanks @yeouthskincare !

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Natural toothpaste for the whole family

These are two of the three amazing toothpaste I got to try from Sprinjene with my children.

Children’s Springjene Natural watermelon with cavity protection has the following benefits:

Provide relief from dry mouth
Control the growth of tartar
Deliver long-lasting oral freshness
Fight gingivitis (gum disease)
Reduce gum inflammation

Sprinjene natural cavity protection in mint and clove flavor has the following benefits:

Provide relief from dry mouth
Control the growth of tartar
Deliver long-lasting oral freshness
Fight gingivitis (gum disease)
Reduce gum inflammation

I love that it has black seed oil and zinc as part of the ingredients. Black seed oil can help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and fight infections.

My children love the watermelon flavored toothpaste and have fun brushing their teeth with it. The best part about these toothpaste is that you can get them for a great price of $5.99, on their website https://www.sprinjene.com . These toothpaste were very gentle not only on my teeth but my children’s teeth.

Thanks @sprinjene !

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Rosy and ultra

Guess what? Mom has a surprise for me! She got me Nutra Ultra deluxe chicken and lamb entree! The containers are small but I got through the meal within minutes. It was so delicious and yes I shared with my brother Dash. It has great ingredients and fills up my tummy quickly. It is a great meal and my mommy approves!

Thanks @chewy for letting us try this in exchange for our pawinion.

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Hydrate your eyes

Dermae hydrating eye cream is so refreshing. It is very gentle around my eyes. It feels soothing around my eyes and leaves them feeling hydrated. A little bit goes a long way and it absorbs easily into my skin. It has a very subtle scent. It helped reduce the puffiness under my eyes.

I love @dermae products. They always cater to my skin’s needs. I love that that are cruelty free and 100% vegan.

Thanks @dermae !

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Bio-Cell Mask

*Double brightening

This was a very soothing mask and very fun. It comes packed between two pieces of mesh, in the second picture you see the thickness with both mesh still on. In the third picture you see it with both mesh remove. It adjust to my face nicely without falling. It was cool on my skin and it was infused with ingredients.

I love that it has two ingredients that aid in intensifying the brightening component. It has a nice scent that isn’t too strong.
After letting it sit for twenty minutes, I massage the remaining essence into my skin. It gave my skin a nice glow after I removed it.

Thanks @madforcos !

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Winter hydration

I’ve been trying @dermae hydrating night cream for the past week and I have felt a change on my skin. After applying it at night after cleansing my skin, my skin has felt more hydrated and plump. These are some of the effects I wish to receive from many skincare products.

In the winter, is when skin really tends to get dry but Dermae helps to keep it hydrated. Hyaluronic acid can help your skin look and feel more supple. It is actually a must have ingredient in more skincare products these days!

I love adding this product to my skincare routine!

Thanks to @dermae !

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Turkey for Rosy

Mom are these delicious wet food from @purina one smart blend for me?! I devoured them in minutes, nothing like a healthy appetite! I promise I shared with my brother dash! This Turkey and barley entree was delicious!

Thanks to @chewy for letting us try it in exchange for our honest pawinion!
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Gentle sheet mask

Green tea Supercharged Mask
*Natural skin detox
*Anti oxidant care
*Intensely moisturizing

This mask smells wonderful. It smells just like green tea. It has a nice soft scent. The mask is a sheet mask that comes attach to a mesh. I removed the mesh portion after applying it to my skin. Then I let it sit for twenty minutes. At the end I massaged in three remaining mesh.

I like that the mask is infused with the ingredients without it being too much. It doesn’t leak or fall off if you do things while wearing it. It is a thick sheet mask, a tiny bit big for my face, but I have a small face. It is easy to apply.

It left my skin feeling super hydrated. My skin feels cared for and soft.

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