Flowers on your face

Sheet mask


This sheet mask smells wonderful! It smells just like a garden full of flowers. As soon as you open the package it smells just like flowers.

It is gentle on my skin. The fragrance is not overbearing. The mask is soaked in essance. The sheet mask is a thick material. It is a little big for my face but it still stays on.

It left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Nice and hydrated before going to bed.

Thanks to @respektco for the collaboration.

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Stories with a connection 📚

Nothing makes me happier than the time I spend with my child everyday. I love @consciousbedtimestories because not only does it give you a wonderful short story to enjoy, but it encourages a conversation.

At the beginning of each story, it encourages you to meditate for a few seconds with your child. This helps you both wind down and get ready to end your day. This is great because everyone needs a moment to breathe. What better time to do it than bedtime.

At the end of each story, it asks you to connect with your child about their day. This is a connection that many will enjoy and many need. It asks you to ask your child questions that relate to each story.

My child enjoyed and loved the books. He loves talking about his day although sometimes he forgets things. This helps him remember things and talk about them.

Thanks to @consciousbedtimestories for these complimentary amazing stories that are helping my child and I connect even more.

Giveaway coming soon!

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Sleek and soft

Sphere Serum

*Aloe Vera beads

I can’t get over how beautiful this serum is. The packaging and the aloe vera beads inside make it pop in style.

It doesn’t have a scent which I like. I prefer subtle or no scent for my face care. It is a clear sparkling thin liquid. It absorbs easily into my skin leaving it soft and hydrated. It doesn’t leave it.

It is a beautiful piece to add to your skincare routine and great for keeping your skin hydrated.

You can check it out on this website

Thanks to @gorjuswhips for letting me try it!
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Flowers for your skin

Plant makeup
Floral calm


This wonderful floral calm spray smells amazing! It smells like freshly picked flowers! I enjoy using it in my skincare routine. I use it to remove makeup at the end of the day.

I also use it as a body or room mist when I’m feeling nervous. It helps calm my nerves a bit.

You can find it at

Thanks to @plantmakeup for the collaboration.
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Moisturize your lips

Lypsyl is a wonderful lip balm that leaves your lips feeling moisturized and hydrated. This is a Swedish silky lip balm made with beeswax , coconut oil, and shea butter. I love the minty flavor it has because it leaves my lips feeling refreshed and slightly tingly in the beginning.

It provides intense protection for your lips. I like the the oversized application tip because it helps to apply the balm evenly. After using it for a few days, my lips feel silky smooth. It is small enough to carry in your purse or your pocket. I don’t need to reapply enough.

To learn more about Lypsyl , go here

It can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Meijers for a great value of $2.99.

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Great relaxing chair


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RORAIMA Sinature Lightweight Outdoor Camping Chair Ergonomic Design with Comfy and Deep Seat Products Size 22″x21.7″x28.3″ Color Gray

This is a great camping or beach chair. I will be using it for both as well as hanging out at the parks. It’s lightweight and easy to carry in the carrying bag that comes included. It is a nice charcoal color. It has a deep seat so it is very comfortable to sit in.

Can be purchased at this link


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Amaranth oil for your skin

Amaranth oil to go

Amaranth oil is a vegetable oil in liquid form that is extracted from the amaranth grain. Amaranth oil has about 77% of unsaturated fatty acids, is rich in Vitamins, especially in Vitamin E, and is full of minerals.
Amaranth oil is absorbed quickly by the skin and does not need diluted with other ingredients. This means you don’t need to worry about any filler ingredients or chemicals added to the oil, because it doesn’t need them to be effective.

Amaranth oil has a yellow-gold color and a pleasant aroma. It is not too strong. It is very gentle when applied to your skin. My skin loved it! It was gentle and very lightweight on my skin.

I applied it once a day in the mornings and it left my skin hydrated. My skin feeling soft and moisturized after using it!

Thanks to @5am_provisions for letting me try this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Lemonade with a twist


A Premium, Hand Crafted, Ready-to-Drink Cocktail! A great treat to keep you cool on a nice summer day! It’s refreshing and I love that it has real lemonade in it. Nothing beats a cool lemonade, especially when it has alcohol in it. About 60% of the product is real lemonade made from fresh lemons, cane sugar and includes no preservatives.

This is a great drink to add to any bbq, party, even while just hanging out with family or friends.

Thanks to @fabriziaspirits for keying me try this awesome drink!
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Ready for fall

J. Adams
ZooShoo Soda Women’s Chelsea Faux Leather Elastic Side Panel Ankle Boots Dress

Zooshoo has beautiful shoes in so many styles, that they’re sure to have a pair you’ll love! I love these boots and feel ready for fall. The light taupe color is beautiful. It looks great with any outfit. They can be dressed up or down.

They run true to size. These are a size 6. I love that they’re slip on, because it makes it easy to put on.

Other than the style, I love that they use vegan faux leather. I’m so for taking care of the environment.

Thanks to @zooshoo for letting me try these complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Bare beauty

Bare beauty apothecary
Rose clay charcoal facial bar

I love that scent of this facial bar. It is lightly scented of roses and charcoal. It is very gentle on my face. It lathers up nicely. It doesn’t cause any irritation on my skin. It is very lightweight on my skin.

I love @barebeautyapothecary products. They are handmade and are cruelty free. They are made with natural ingredients.

Thanks to @barebeautyapothecary for letting me try their products in exchange for my honest opinion.
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