A great alternative

Simply gum 

*5  main natural ingredients

*Non Gmo
Simply gum is made with five natural ingredients.  All flavors use the same ingredients.  Some of these ingredients include organic raw cane sugar,  organic rice flavor and natural flavor. It only has 1g of sugar which is pretty good since most gum is stuffed with sugar!
I tried Ginger,  Coffee and Mint with my family. We all had different flavors. My son likes Mint and i loved Ginger. They all pretty much come down to the same thing. The flavor lasts for a short few mintues but it doesn’t give you a bad aftertaste. It gives you a burst of flavor for the first few minutes and evolves to a flavorless gum.  This is not a bad thing as you don’t want to be chewing too much sugar .
I think this is a great alternative to those gum they have with tons of flavor but that kill your teeth due to all the sugar.  I will be switching to simply gum for me and my son. 
I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Omega goodness

Seabuck Wonders 

Himalayan Sea Buckthorn

Exfoliating facial cleanser

*High concentration of Sea Buckthorn

*Infused with Omega 3,6,7 & 9

* 100 % natural

There are three types of omega fatty acids: omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9.These fatty acids are important in skin care because they affect how an oil behaves on the skin. Both topical and oral supplementation are effective ways to deliver essential fatty acids to the skin. Topical application of certain omega 3’s lessens UV-induced photo damage, signs of skin aging and inflammatory skin responses.

This facial cleanser has a gooey texture with a very light scent of Sea buckthorn. The scent is badly noticeable.  It isn’t runny,  it applies easily on the skin and rinses off easily.  There is no tingling or stinging. 

It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.  My skin looked brighter and cleaner. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Soft as a baby’s bottom

Gloves in a bottle

Second skin for Hands & Body

Shielding lotion

*Dermatologist prescribed


The texture is a thin watery lotion. It has no apparent Frangrance, or it is very subtle. It rubs in nicely without leaving a greasy residue. 

I wash my hand constantly due to my work and tend to have dry hands.  This lotion left my skin feeling soft as a baby’s bottom. It didn’t leave any stickiness or oily surface. 

I think it works best for dry skin, but can be used by all skin types. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. 


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Some will love it 

Still here

Novel by Lara Vapnyar

​This is the type of story that some will read to the end,  while others make stop half way through. In the beginning it can get really confusing and a little hard to follow the characters.  Each character has a different look and story pertaining to their immigrant story. 
 Its just a little hard to keep track of which story belongs to who. You’ll learn to love the characters more than the story itself.  

I received this book complimentary from blogging for books in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Preventing anti aging 

Pure purpose 

Anti aging face oil
*100 % natural

Anti aging is something that affects us at different ages. It can affect us for different reasons. One to be preventative or to take care of little wrinkles that start to appear. 

The face oil is a transparent yellow liquid.  It has a thick consistency.  It has a unique jojoba scent mixed with something else. It is slightly strong but not offensive,  and it dissipates when you apply. 

I applied it twice a day after cleansing.  My skin absorbed it easily without leaving a greasy residue. A little goes a long way. My skin feels smoother and softer.  

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. 


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Cacao extract

Benton cacao moist and mild cream
* For all skin types

*Cacao extracts

*Hallucinogenic acid

Benton was inspired and named street the movie “The curious case of Benjamin button”. Benton wishes to restore your youthful skin with healthy recipes. 

Benton cacao moist and mild cream odds great for summer time wear.  It is lightweight , doesn’t cause a heavy feeling on your skin.  It gives your skin a dewy complexion due to the cacao extracts. 

A little bit of this cream goes a long way. It doesn’t leave a great residue or cause dryness. It leaves your skin feeling soft. 
This cream is naturally derived. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Clean & fresh

Clean cult

3 in 1 laundry detergent pods
*Non toxic

*Fragrance free

*Chlorine and phosphates free

Clean cult smells clean! From the moment you open the bag you get a whiff of fresh and clean. You place a pod inside the washer,  add your clothes and start the wash. 

One pod is enough for a regular or small load. If you have a large load it is preferable to use two pods.

My clothes came out clean and smelling fresh.  The clean scent lasted until the clothes were worn. It didn’t cause any irritations or allergies. I loved using clean cult to wash my clothes.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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Can be purchased at the following link 


Hydrate your face

SeaBuck Wonders

Himalayan Sea BuckThorn Facial cream

The main ingredient in SeaBuck products is sea buckthorn. It is also infused with omega. 

Sea buckthorn oil is well-known today for its healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin. It can also help heal burns, cuts, wounds, sunburn, rashes, and other types of skin damage. Using sea buckthorn oil daily helps slow down the signs of aging by nourishing the tissues in your skin and body.

Seabuck wonders facial cream is a creamy yellow thin texture.  It doesn’t leave a greasy residue, or dry out your skin. The scent is slightly strong for my taste,  i prefer minimal scent on my face. The scent is a mix of chamomile, shea butter and a few other things i can’t detect. 

It left my skin feeling moisturized and soft. A little goes a long way. My skin has been feeling hydrated after using this for a few days. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.