Chocolate = Brain food

GoodNow Farms Chocolate



If you’ve never had cacao chocolate you may find these beauties a tiny bit bitter. In reality they taste amazing, like chocolate should taste, at least dark chocolate. It is strong and tasty. It has a smooth texture.

They have a slight variation in taste, the one from Guatemala is slightly more bitter. This is probably due to it containing more cacao in it. These are great chocolate to have especially when you have exams coming up. Dark chocolate is brain food!

Cacao have many health benefits. It has forty times the antioxidants of blueberries. It is full of magnesium which helps you have a healthy heart and brain. Best of all, it is a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant.

Thanks to @goodnowfarms for allowing me to taste these delicious chocolate!
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Soothe your feet

Soft soles

I love the scent of this little bottle. It is such a pretty blue bottle. The scent is more of a ylang and orange scent, mixed together. It is very soothing for my tired feet. I love that a little goes a long way, so a drop in each foot is more than enough. I massage a drop into my tired feet and let it soothe. It helped me sleep better throughout the night after applying it to my feet.

Thanks to @softenyoursole for allowing me to try It!
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Flower masks ⚘

Rose mask sheet


I love these flower masks. They are so pretty, feminine and smell amazing. It smells natural just like a real rose. The sheet masks are shaped as different size petals. They are soft and smooth, red in color. The scent lasts for a while.

These were simple to use. I applied it to my clean skin and let it sit for twenty minutes. After I removed i, I massaged the remaining ingredients into my skin.

My skin feels soft and hydrated.

Thanks to @kocostarusa for allowing me to try their masks.
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Wet dog food with grilled meat

Someone couldn’t wait to dig into her food! Rosy is trying to get intro the can as soon as she hears the pop from @eukanuba adult mixed grill chicken & beef dinner in gravy! Thanks to @chewy for letting her try this new wet food! She devoured it within minutes! I think it was a hit in her pawbook! It didn’t gave a strong scent and look good enough to eat, for her of course!

I received this free of charge from @chewy in exchange for my honest opinion!
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Blue buffalo treats for rosy

“Mom can you find taking the picture so I can have my snacks!” My Rosy loves her @bluebuffalo trail treats. They are made with salmon and grain free. Nothing but the best ingredients for her precious stomach. She loves this flavor more than the other flavors.

The scent is a little strong but as long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters! I received these complimentary from @chewy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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