How do you start your morning routine?

Morning skin routine
How do you revive your skin after a long night?

Bloom skincare

*Facial cleansing mousse

I start with bloom skincare facial cleansing mousse. Talk about making it easy and mess free. I like that you can just cleanse your skin with a fun mousse. It’s simple to use and Congress just as good as a liquid cleanser. My skin felt clean, without any irritations.

*Rejuvenation eye potion

As someone who gets dark bags and puffiness under my eyes, I love trying products that may improve their condition. This eye potion has a creamy consistency, like she’s butter usually does. It has a subtle scent, like concentrated honey. It helps lighten the dark bags under my eyes.

*Facial revival cream

Sometimes we need to revive our skin after a long night of working, studying or hanging out. This facial revival cream gives you that glow you need, to start the day refreshed. The cream has a nice consistency with a shine to help you glow. It has a light almost no existent scent.

I love that these products have honey in them, as it had many benefits for skin. Honey is naturally antibacterial, so it’s great for acne treatment and prevention. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow.

Thanks to @bloomskincare for the collaboration.
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Coffee beans!!


Coffee body scrub


How fun is this coffee scrub? This awesome coffee scrub smells amazing! This coming from someone who loves coffee! I’m sure any coffee lover would agree.

This is very refreshing! I felt refreshed and energized after using this body scrub. You can tell that it is made with real coffee beans,  from how refreshing it is! Coffee always wakes me up,  so it’s nice to start the day with a face covered in it!

How did it feel after I rinsed? Like a baby’s bottom! My skin felt baby soft and so smooth. I loved every part of it.

Thanks to @cocoroo for the collaboration. Stay tuned for my giveaway with them I’ll be posting tomorrow!

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Lemon basil body butter 

Lizzie’s all natural products

Whipped body butter 

Lemon basil

First of all, this smells amazing!!! It smells just like lemon and basil.  You can tell it was made with natural ingredients. It has a creamy texture that seems to melt when you apply it to your skin. 

My dry skin feels and looks so moisturized after only a few uses. I’m testing it on my son’s skin,  who has eczema to see if it improves him skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It keeps your skin moist even after hours of applying. 

The coconut oil in the ingredients,  is probably the cause for it melting on your skin. It so easy to apply and a little  goes a long way. I loved using this on my skin,  and will continue to do so!

Thanks to @productsbylizzie for opportunity to try this product!

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Coconut lotion or oil ?


Organic Coconut moisturizing lotion

Nighttime skin routine 

After my night shower,  I massage CocoRoo’ s organic coconut moisturizing lotion into my damp skin. Why do I say massage it in? This is because when coconut oil is above 74 degrees, it will begin to liquify. Thus turning it into coconut oil that works best massaged into the skin. 

Using it after a shower ensures it will hold more moisture,  giving you the hydrated skin we all desire. My skin gets really dry,  especially in the winter. My skin has been happy to absorb the extra moisture! 

It has a nice minty scent. It kind of reminds me of a peppermint hot cocoa, scent wise. When in cold temperature,  it turns solid which you can you as a lotion. When in hot temperature,  it turns into a liquid consistency,  you can use as a oil. 

Not many products can be used in two consistency. This is a great bonus! Not for those with nut allergies! Great for daily use!

Thanks to @cocoroobody for the collaboration. 

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Essance skincare

Dragon’s blood creme
Passion fruit lotion

I’ve been using both products by Essance skincare together.  The dragon’s blood creme, which is a little thicker in consistency,  I use on my face and neck. It’s great for morning and night application. The passion fruit lotion I use on my body after my shower.

It is a little hard to choose between the two but if I had to choose my favorite is passion fruit lotion! The scent is amazing,  just like passion fruit. A nice subtle fruity scent.

They both leave my skin feeling moisturize and soft. I love that my skin has a hint of passion fruit throughout the day,  after application.

Passion fruit has great benefits for your skin. Passion fruit has a high content of vitamin C which slow down the damage caused by free radicals which cause skin aging. It also helps preserve collagen and elastin.

Thanks to @essanceskincare for the collaboration.

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Lavender benefits haircare

Okay pure naturals 

Lavender shampoo and conditioner

 Leave in conditioner

*Shine & Hydration

*Paraben free

*Sulfate & silicone free

Lavender oil is a wonderful ingredient for hair as it promotes hair growth, increases blood flow to scalp. Lavender is one of the main ingredients in Okay pure naturals lavender line.  It is great for dry or weak hair. It helps to strengthen and nourish. 

My favorite part of this line is the scent. Lavender is such a calming scent. Washing my hair with it helps me relax. My hair is dry from years of dye. This line has helped hydrate my hair.  It has a nice shine to it and is softer. 

I always use the conditioner after the shampoo,  and use the leave in conditioner once or twice a week.

The leave in conditioner helps my hair stay soft on the days I don’t wash my hair. It helps my hair stay soft longer. It also helps me detangle my hair easily. 

It is a nice bonus for when I prefer to skip the conditioner. 

It’s recommended to use the same line products together. 

Thanks to @okaypurenaturals for the  collaboration. 

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A fun mist 


Mandarin peeling mist

*Multivitamin C

I actually had a lot of fun trying this peeling mist. You start by cleansing your skin and spraying the mist on your skin. It is very refreshing on your skin.
Once it starts forming a thin sheet,  you can rub it off or peel it off.

The scent is a nice orange scent mixed with alcohol. It’s a nice scent. It has a thin consistency.

It’s very fun to use and I was able to use it on my face and body. I love that its made with mandarin.

After use my skin felt soft and refreshed.

Thanks to @cre8skin_official for the collaboration.
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