Happy national dog day!

Today we will be talking about Happy National Dog Day!

My dog is very important to me! She is always there for me to brighten my day! She forms a important part of my family.

My princess Rosy has been in our lives for four years now and she makes everyday count. She’s energized and lovable. We take her out often to her favorite places like the park and the beach. She loves cupcakes on special occasions.

Do you have any special traditions with your dogs?

I always like to check out
https://nationaltoday.com/national-dog-day/ because I can always find out what I need about my favorite national holidays!

Be sure to check them out and you’ll find out more about National Dog Day!

Products to help you through journey

As a pregnant mother of my second child, I know the things I will need help with during pregnancy and after.

During pregnancy, I’ve dealt with so much morning sickness and heartburn. I haven’t been able to find anything to help ease it, until I learned about PinkStork.

PinkStork has a variety of products for pregnancy, nursing, postpartum, fertility and pms.

I had the pleasure of trying two if their products. Heartburn pregnancy tea in lemon mint and lactation caffeine free tea in herbal mint.

I’ve been using the heartburn tea wherever it hits me and it helps so much in easing my heartburn. It has also helped to improve my digestion. The best part is each satchel can be used up to 3 times.

I can’t wait until I give birth to start having my lactation tea. I’ve already had it twice and I love the taste. It will be a nice treat to help improve my milk supply.

Have you tried any PinkStork products before?

Thank you PinkStork for gifting me these amazing products!

Hospital bag is ready!

Guess whose baby diaper bag is packed for the hospital?! Me!With @Vogshow double deck backpack, I have a stylish and multifunctional bag! I also love that I can share it with my fiance, without it looking too girly for him.I love the insulated sections that you can remove and all the extra pockets. I have everything the baby will need once he or she comes!You can find this beauty on Amazon, just look for Vogshow diaper bag.#vogshowdiaperbag #gifted #Vogshow #diaperbag #babybag #hospitalready #hospitalbagready #mom #pregnant #pregnancybump #30weekspregnant #baby #almostthere #lifestyle #motherhood

Apple cider for your hair

I’m totally loving @Wowskinscience shampoo and conditioner!I love that the shampoo has apple cider vinegar as an ingredient. Apple cider vinegar has great hair benefits. It helps with dandruff and helps exfoliate the scalp. My hair feels so clean and sleek after using it.With the combination of coconut and avocado oil in the conditioner, my hair is very happy!Have you tried Wow Skin Science shampoo or conditioner before?#WowSkinScience #gifted #AppleCiderVinegar #hair #trendship #ACVShampoo #haircare #beauty #lifestyle #influencer #beautylover #blogger #hairlove #avocado #applecider #babybump #coconutoil

Ready for back to school with Oilogic!

When Mom and Son both have to deal with allergies, these essential oil roll ons from @Oilogiccare are a must have!!

These beauties are perfect for back to school. They help alleviate some of the symptoms that come with allergies. It helped alleviate my itchy eyes and slight congestion. It helped my son breathe with ease.

I love how refreshing the scent is. Best of all, I love that it is made with essential oils!

Get your children and yourself ready for back to school with Oilogic’s new essential oil roll ons.

Are you ready for back to school?

Thanks @oilogiccare!

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Brighten with love

I’m loving @BeautiPromise C+ Brightening Serum!

It adds to my beautiful pregnancy glow, leaving my skin looking amazing! It has a very light scent. A little goes a long way to brightening my skin.

It is a great addition to my skincare routine!

I love products that brighten my skin. Which are your favorites?

Thanks @BeautiPromise!

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Help keep them healthy

Oilogic Cold & Cough Essential Oil Vapour bath is such a necessity in our life! It is great for ages 6 months and up.

My son has a weak immune system and this always helps him get better faster. It is soothing especially when he has a cough.

It has a cooling aroma that seems to cleanse your insides. It helps to soothe and calm you with natural essential oils.

Have you tried any of @oilogiccare products?

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