Revive your skin

Phyto Swiss Cosmeceuticals

I think I I’m in love with this travel kit from @phytoswisscosmeceuticals ! I started my day with the cell rejuvenating cleanser which smells just like grapefruit. It smells amazing. It left my skin feeling clean and revived.

Then I used the eye contour serum all around my eyes. It decreased the appearance of my bags with just one use! I then applied tri active moisturizer to my skin. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. I didn’t need to add anything else to my skin.

I ended it with a tiny bit of lip enhancer complex. That’s what completely got me! My lips had a plumper appearance within minutes of applying. I felt a slight tingle but nothing painful. My lips look full and plump!

Thanks to @phytoswisscosmeceuticals for allowing me to try their amazing products!!
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Piccoli horses learning and fun

Piccoli horses + app

Piccoli horses, also known to my children as new best friend, are non electronic stuffed animals. They are beautifully made and have lasted through tons of play! Along with the Piccoli Zoo app they keep your children entertained for hours.

Piccoli Zoo app is a great learning app made to get your children speaking out loud in English and soon in French. It keeps them moving and engaged. It is available on iOS and Android.

The children are able to stay active as it teaches them to use their whole body during the app. Children can learn to speak while playing and moving their body.

My little one loves the app. He plays almost every day, keeping his horse with him. My older one loves his horse too, at times he even sleeps with him. But don’t tell him I know!

I love that Piccoli offers children an opportunity to learn as well as a friend!

If your interested in getting your own Piccoli horse check them out on

For their app, look up Piccoli Zoo on
IOS or Android

Thanks to @piccolihorses for the opportunity to try and review their beautiful horses!
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Collagen for your overall health

Super collagen

*Hair, skin, nails, joints & bones

I love taking supplements that help strengthen my hair, nails and skin. As a bonus this supplement helps strengthen joints and bones. Collagen is vey important when it comes to strengthening our body.

Collagen is the most common protein in humans and the main component of our connective tissue. It is found in our skin, bones, tendons and muscles. Collagen supplements can help to restore your skin creating a smooth and supple look.

I enjoyed taking this super collagen and the results in having this far. My hair feels and looks healthier. My skin looks smooth and soft. My nails are growing faster and stronger.

It doesn’t have much of a taste so it’s easy to mix and drink.

Thanks to @neocell for the collaboration.
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Beautiful handmade soap

Bare Beauty Apothecary
Handcrafted artisan soap

No.8 rose, orange vanilla & sugar with local honey

No.19 shea, cocoa & mango butters

If you’re looking for luxurious soap, than you need to look into Bare beauty apothecary. Not only are they beautifully handmade soap but they leave your skin feeling silky smooth. The flowers on the top add such a beautiful unique look. It glides across your skin and lathers up nicely. Some of the petals come off but not entirely, so your soap stays beautiful for some time.

The scent is amazing. You can smell it even before using it. When you use it the scent fills your bathroom especially when mixed with the steam from your shower.

It is a great addition to any bathroom routine. Check it out at

Thanks to @barebeautyapothecary for letting me try these products in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Great silverware set

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Silverware Flatware Set For 4, 24-Piece Cutlery Tableware Set, SHUNBIN Stainless Steel Utensils Service,With Knife Fork And Spoon,For Kitchen Hotel Party,Dishwasher Safe,Mirror Polished

This is a great set of silverware to add to your home. It brings more than enough pieces you add to your kitchen. It includes a variety of 4 each: Dinner Spoon, small Dinner Spoon,Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife, Salad/Desert Fork, Teaspoon.They are sturdy enough to not bend easily, and rust resistant.

Can be purchased at the following link

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Mango lip balm

Puna Noni Naturals
Lip balm

*Spf 15

This lip balm smells amazing. It smells just like mango. It is very gentle on my lips. It is very smooth and soft in consistency. It practically melts on your lips when you apply it.

It leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. I feel a slight tingle when I first apply it, but it dissipates quickly. I love that it has Spf because it is important to protect even your lips from sun rays.

Thanks to @punanoninaturals for letting me try this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Great for your car fanatic

I love that I was able to put this together without any help. I used the instructions included in the box to put together this awesome bed by myself! My son loves it. He picked the color and decided to add some but not all of the stickers included with the bed. It is a pretty cool twin bed that will keep my car fanatic entertained.

The bed feels sturdy. The twin mattress I ordered fits perfectly inside the bed. I have a size 12 so it was pretty high inside the bed. The material is thick enough so I don’t have to worry about my son rolling out of the bed.

We like the design of the sport racer bed and the cute spoiler in the back. It adds appeal to my son’s room. He’s a big car fanatic and this just takes the cake in his book.

If you’re looking for a great bed for your car fanatic, this is the bed for them! You can go to @deltachildren or to check it out!

Waterless beauty

Busy beauty
Showerless shave gel

*No water needed
*Cruelty free

I love anything that takes a step out of my long day! Busy beauty’s showerless shave helps cut the time I spend in the shower down. It also helps me save water which is a big plus! I love anything that helps me take care of the environment.

It is a thin clear gel. It has no apparent scent. It doesn’t make a mess. It left very little residue. I just dabbed off a tiny bit at the end. It left my legs nice and smooth. Just left a tiny bit of dots. Not really a flaw in my book.

Thanks to for letting me try her product!
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No show socks

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No Show Socks black – 6 pairs

These no show socks are very comfortable. They are well made. The martial is thick. It is breathable material. It stops at the ankle. They are slightly stretchy. There are six pairs in the back with a little bag you can store it in.

It features breathable cotton, high knit technology, good flexibility and comfort. If you don’t want your socks to show, but you still want dry and comfortable feet, I recommend these no show socks.

They can be purchased at the following link

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Need cute supplies?

Need somewhere awesome to order bulk school supplies? Consider Geddes for school supplies, toys and gifts! They have things from scented erasers, keychain markers, iPod mini notebooks and crazy donut pens! My son is loving all the goodies he received from @raymondgeddes ! His favorite are the phone mini notebook, crazy pens and emoji soft case! They have great prices for bulk sets for fun supplies.

You can check them out on

I received this complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.
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