Tighten your skin

Celt Heart
Green clay facial mask

*100% natural
*Essential oils

This mask smells amazing! It has a wonderful scent, with tea tree being the most apparent. It has a creamy consistency. It goes on cool on your skin. It is a nice feeling and it spreads easily.

I applied it after cleansing my skin. I let it sit for about fifteen minutes. It started to harden on my skin. I didn’t want to remove because of how good it smells. I removed it with warn water.

My skin felt and looked firmer after. It felt smooth and tight. Not an uncomfortable tightness, just a firmer feel. I would recommend using this mask once a week.

Thanks to @celtheart5847 for allowing me to try her wonderful products!
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Cleanse your skin

Brooklyn bar
Body& bath
Deep pore cleansing

*Pure & natural
*Activated charcoal

This soap smells great! A nice blend of orange tea tree and charcoal. It has kind of a smoky scent with a kick. It lathers very nicely. Its a great size and can be used on your face or skin.

I’ve been using it to cleanse my skin before bed. It makes me feel refreshed and extra clean. Activated charcoal helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible. I love that they uses essential oil to make their products!

Thanks to @brooklynbarbodyandbath for allowing me to try their products in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Soft and sweet lips

Celt Heart
Lip balm
*Pumpkin pie
*Apple pie

~100% natural

They lip balms by Celt Heart are great. They smell amazing, I can’t decide which I love more! The pumpkin smells like pumpkin with a kick to it. The peppermint smells minty fresh. The Apple pie smells amazingly sweet. My son took the peppermint lip balm because he loved it so much!

They go on smoothly and leave your lips so soft. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue or too much product on your lips. It keeps my lips soft and moisturized throughout the day.

Thanks to @celtheart5847 for allowing me to try these awesome lip balms.
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If you’re interested in some goodies, you can use code: CELTHEART2018 to get 15% off Your order of $20.

Yummy in my tummy!

Canyon bakehouse
Gluten free
Brownie bites

Most important, these brownies are amazing!! This was when I took the first bite, and now they’re gone. My family went through them within minutes!

They’re soft and full of flavour. They’re perfectly chocolate and moist. I could eat these everyday and never get tired!

These brownies are made with natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients it contains is cocoa powder and brown rice flour.

Thanks to @canyonglutenfree four these amazing brownies!
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Peeling liquid mask

Aha green tea peeking liquid

This was a interesting and different mask. I had to pour the peeling liquid into the capsule. Then I watched it grow in size into a mask. It had a nice minty scent and didn’t lean with liquid.

I had to stay still when I put it on my face so it wouldn’t fall off. It didn’t really stick to my skin. I felt a slight tingling during the time I had the mask in. There was a slight tingling after removing it that was nice and refreshing.

My skin felt cleaner and refreshed afterwards.

Thanks to @commleaf for allowing me to try their product in exchange of my honest opinion.
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Emoji Drawstring Bag | 3D Print Gym Backpack | Shoulder Sport Sackpack | Emoji Easter Treat Party Gift Bags

How cute is this emoji backpack? My son is a fan of emojis and guess which one is his favorite? Poop! He moved the emoji movie and so did I!

I like that the picture and word is on both sides of the backpack. It is well made and feels sturdy. The color is vibrant and well printed.

Can be purchased at the following link:

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Exfoliate with grains

Basswood naturals
Luminescent clay
Facial cleansing grains


I enjoyed using basswood naturals cleansing grains. You mixed it up first separately and place it back into the container. Then you have the option of using water, honey, oil or milk depending on your skin type. I used oil for dry skin.

I applied it to my skin and let it dry for about fifteen minutes so it can harden. By letting it harden it can be used as a mask. It can also be used as a exfoliating cleanser. I love that it has many uses.

It smells amazing when I was applying. The grains left my skin soft as a baby’s bottom! Soft and smooth. I really enjoyed using it! I will be using it once a week to exfoliate.

Thanks to @basswoodnaturals for allowing me to try her wonderful products in exchange of my honest opinion.
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Rubber mask

Charcoal pore purifying rubber mask

*Cruelty free

How awesome is this rubber mask?! It has a few steps to it, but it’s fun and worth it. First you apply a cream pouch that comes above, then place two separate rubber pieces on top. You place one on top of the other and it stays in place.

The cream is nice and creamy. It’s white with a very subtle scent. The mask has a nice light fragrance. It is infused with ingredients to pamper your skin.

I love that I’m able to move around and do things with it on. It stays put while I get things done, so I can multitask. After twenty minutes I removed it and massaged the remaining ingredients into my skin.

It left my skin feeling tight and firm. It left it looking brighter. Im very happy with it!

Thanks to @masqueology for allowing me to try their products in exchange for my honest opinion.
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3 in 1 serum

3 in 1 hair protection serum

This serum contains vitamin-rich Rosehip and Coconut Oils, Wuinoa Protein and Burdock Root Extract.

It helps to moisturize, strengthen and gives shine to damaged hair. My hair is damaged from years of hair dye and other factors. It helps to give shine to my otherwise dry hair. It alleviates done of the frizziness from my curls.

It has a nice scent. It’s pleasant and light. The texture is lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair.

I received this product complimentary for being part of @dermae ambassadors in exchange of my honest opinion.
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Leather Jacket for kids

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Encontrar Boys Faux Leather Jacket Trendy Stand Collar

I like how this fits on my son. He loves the leather jacket. It’s very stylish and trends to always be in fashion.

They come in various sizes for children. I got the biggest size and it fits him great. He can’t wear layers under.

Can be purchased at the following link

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