Are you wearing the right bra size?

Rigby & Peller
Lingerie stylist London
I just want to talk about the most amazing experience I had today! I was part of a market research assignment I acquired from taking a survey on @freecosmetictesting . I was asked to come in and have a bra fitting and take a few surveys in person on the experience and give a testimony.
The whole experiment was wonderful! They were very warm and make sure you are comfortable at all times with treats and your choice of beverage. My stylist was Kayla, who works at their Madison location, in NY. She made me feel comfortable at all times and helped me get fitted with the perfect bra size.
Turns out I’ve been wearing the wrong size, forever! I feel amazing with my new bra, like a new person! It is comfortable and sexy. Everything fits correctly without falling out or causing back fat. I loved it so much I walked out of there wearing my new bra!

Please check them out to get properly fitted and check out their amazing collection! They treat you like a princess!

Thanks to @rigbyandpeller at 5th avenue, Ny for the wonderful experience! I received this set complimentary for participating in the market research, all opinions are my own.

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Great alternative to other deodorants

Skin ritual
Pit perfection 24hr deodorant

*Aluminum free
*Mint mojito

Pit perfection by skin ritual is exactly that, perfection! I love the scent of this deodorant , very minty. It glides on white but goes transparent when you rub it in. You need to give it a few minutes to dry so it doesn’t get on your clothes.

It goes on gentle. It lasts all day without reapply. It is a great change to the normal deodorant . I prefer using natural deodorants that don’t put chemicals into my skin.

Thanks to @skin_ritual for allowing me to try their product in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Gold mask for tightening!

Collagen hydro gel gold mask
Skin tightening elasticity intensive

*Great for all skin types
*Sulfate free
*Phthalates free

This Korean made mask has a pleasant fragrance. I can’t stop smelling the packaging! The mask is nicely made, thick and infused with ingredients. It doesn’t fit right, and I had to stay still in order to keep the mask in place. It is two pieces that you place slightly on top of each other to keep it in place.

I applied it after cleansing, and let it sit for 20 minutes. After removing it, I massaged the remaining essence into my skin. My skin felt tighter and looks brighter!

This is much appreciated after a recent break out on my face! Great to use once a week or every other week.

Thanks to @masqueology for allowing me to try this awesome mask! They can be purchased at @walmart!
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Define my curls

Urban hydration hair care
Coconut oil daily moisturizer

*Argan oil
*Avocado oil
*Coconut oil

I’ve been using urban hydration’s daily moisturizer and I love what it does to my curls. It defined my curls without weighing it down. Its lightweight, so it doesn’t take away from the form of my curls.

I love the scent! It’s very pleasant, a mixture of many essential oils. Its natural and creamy. Its not to thick in consistency, but creamy enough to spread through your hair.

I love how it leaves my hair full of defined curls and smelling awesome! It leaves my hair full of moisture.

Thank to @urbanhydration for allowing me to try their wonderful product!
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Energy boost

Matcha bears


These matcha bears have been helping me get that extra kick of energy, I need to get through the day. They have a slightly funny taste, but nothing thats not bearable. Two gummies are enough to last me a few hours to finish my errands.

I often run out of energy, between running errands and family time. These gummies give me the boost to keep going. They are made without artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Thanks to @matcha_bears for allowing me to try them in exchange for my honest opinion.
#matchabears #matcha #energy

Heat powered serum

ThermalZyme heat powered serum concentrate

*Paraben free
*Fragrance free

Chaleur’s serum works great followed by their self heating facial treatment mask. It has a light natural scent. The texture is silky and slightly off white, almost translucent.

I’ve been applying it for a few days morning and night. My skin feels great and looks brighter. I really feel like it helps my skin gain a firmer and smoother look.

It doesn’t cause any irritations or redness. It has been soothing on my skin after a recent breakout. It’s been relieving the slight breakout and it has decreased.

Thanks to @chaleurbeauty for allowing me to try their wonderful products!
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Soothe your lips

Shea sugars
Peppermint lip scrub


This peppermint lip scrub is handmade with natural ingredients. I love that it is made with peppermint oil. Peppermint has many benefits. Peppermint oil has calming effects on skin inflammation. You can mix peppermint oil into lip balm and body lotion for a nice cooling sensation.

I like using this scrub to soothe my lips. It such a nice feeling, you feel a tiny tingle and rinse it off. A little bit goes a long way. This should last me a long time. I would recommend using it once a week.

Thanks to @sheasugars for allowing me to try it!
#sheasugars #peppermint #lipscrub #handmade #natural

Whipped scrub

Shea sugars
Handmade sugar scrubs
Eucalyptus peppermint

I’m a big lover of anything scented eucalyptus because of its calming effect. I love that this scrub is paired with peppermint because the mix smells amazing.

The consistency is whipped, like whipped butter with a decent amount of exfoliation. It’s very gentle in my skin, leaving it soft and clean! I love how soft the scrub is, it’s a great change to most scrubs that can be rough on your skin.

This product is handmade with shea butter which is one of the reasons it leaves my skin so soft after using.

Thanks to @sheasugars for allowing me to try this great scrub!
#sheasugars #handmade #natural #eucalptus #peppermint #scrub

Honey for your eyes

Doremiel organics
Anti age eye moisturizer

*Organic Honey
*No paraben, gluten or artificial fragrance

I like that doremiel products are made with honey. Honey is great for your skin. Honey contains superior antibacterial, probiotic, and healing properties and is super nourishing and hydrating.

I like the light scent it has. It has a light floral scent, that isn’t offensive. It has a thin consistency, that blends into your skin well.

It leaves the area around my eyes feeling hydrated and bright.

Thanks to @doremielorganics for allowing me to try this product!
#doremielorganics #organic #honey #parabenfree #antiaging

Handmade for your lips

Devoted delusion
Cotton candy sugar lip scrub
Vanilla ice cream balm

First of both products smells amazing. The lip scrub smells just like cotton candy, it makes me want to eat it. The lip scrub has a grainy texture that exfoliates your lips leaving you with soft lips. I love that you can lick off the remaining scrub bits.

The balm smells like a subtle vanilla ice cream. It’s texture is smooth and leaves your lips feeling soft , especially when used after the lip scrub. It keeps my lips moisturized without needing to reapply too often.

The scrub is a great product to use once or twice a week, to remove dryness from your lips. The lip balm will keep your lips moisturize when you need it.

You can find these awesome products in the link on her bio, for the awesome price of $1.50 for the lip balm and $5 for the lip scrub!

Thanks to @devoted_delusion for allowing me to try her products!
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