Pamper your feet

Foot moisture


This pack was really fun! It was very relaxing and I really enjoyed it. I had a long day of work and errands so I really needed this! This helps moisturize your feet.

I used it after my shower, when my feet were clean. It comes with a pair, which I put my feet in and then secured them. I let my feet sit for 25 minutes.

After I removed it my feet felt very soft and moisturized. My feet look like baby feet.

Thanks to @kocostarusa for letting me try this in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Two zone mask

Atria Skincare
Dual balancing

*I love this mask. It comes in two parts: the T zone and U zone. The T zone regulates excessive sebum and reduces oil production to purify pores. The U zone drenches the skin with deep hydration while improving its elasticity. The material is nice and thick. It is infused with the ingredients.

It is very simple to use. After you cleanser your skin you place the T zone part in your skin then the U zone part. Then you let it sit for 20 minutes. You massage the remaining ingredients Into your skin.

It left my skin soft and smooth. It feels and looks hydrated!

Thanks to @atriaskincare for letting me try this mask in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Manetain by dollar curl club

Dollar curl club
Manetain gold collection

*No Phthalates
*No Sulfates
*Cruelty free

Happy curls! That’s what I have after washing my hair with Manetain hydrating gentle cleanse shampoo and hydrating dangling conditioner. Rhett both smell amazing! The shampoo has coconut and aloe. The conditioner has olive and mango.

They lather nicely and leave my hair smelling awesome! My hair is easier to detangle after using both. I then used the curl defining cream. You can air dry it or blow dry it to let it set. I let it air dry overnight.

I think my curls came out great without too much frizz. It left my hair full of soft curls that are full of moisture! I still have to go through the other amazing products of this line.

Thanks to @dollarcurlclub for the collaboration!

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Hydrate with salmon oil

Eye n Lip beauty
Salmon oil moisture essence mask

Salmon oil supply hydration to your skin and help with inflammation.

I applied this mask last night before bed and let it sit for 20 minutes. It was a little messy as it contains a lot of substances in the packet. The mask is a little slimy as you can see in the picture. I had to stay put to keep it from going everywhere.

After I removed it, I massaged the remaining substance on my skin. My skin felt and look hydrated. It also added a nice glow to my skin.

It is used to moisturize dry skin, calm troubled skin, reduce dark circles and help prevent wrinkles.

Thanks to @vtarius for letting me try this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Snail mask

Eye n Lip beauty
Snail moisture essance mask

This mask was very cool on my skin. The material is soft and smooth. It seems to be a thick cotton sheet that is soaked with ingredients. It is a little big on my face. I didn’t like that it dripped down my face even when I was laying down with it on.

I did like how soft and moisturized it left my skin. I woke up this morning with hydrated and glowing skin.

Thanks to @vtarius for letting me try this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Canidae for my Rosy 🐾

Just flexing and waiting to devour @canidaepetfood pottage style dinner! This was my first time trying duck and it was pawlicious!! Get it 🐾🐾

Canidae grain free is great for my schnauzer. It is made for small breeds and keeps her satisfied until her next meal. This particular one has duck and pumpkin, a great combination for my Rosy!

Thanks to @chewy for letting us the try this complimentary in exchange for our honest opinion!
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Soothe your ezcema

Derma Rx

After using this soothing balm for a few weeks, this has become part of my son’s skin routine. He has ezcema which is slowly getting better. This balm has been helping with irritation. Whenever he starts to feel itching or even to start the day on a good note, I put a small amount of the balm on his skin.

It has a slight weird scent that I can’t place but dissipates fast as the skin absorbs it. The balm it a very smooth texture that melts on your skin. A little goes a long way, so I hope to use it for a while.

Thanks to @ethereal_rx for allowing us to try this, my son is very happy and so am i!
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Powerful mini speaker

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Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker TWS System Portable Tiny Body Loud Voice Shutter Button Selfie Features (Blue)

This tiny Bluetooth speaker is pretty powerful. I have it at tree lowest volume on my phone and it still sounds very powerful. It’s pretty simple to connect to your device. Just connect it with Bluetooth and go.

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Soothe your chakra

Chakra sampler set & pendant

I love the scent of this sampler. It is a small set of essential oils that each focus on one of the seven chakras. I like that it comes with a pamphlet, letting you know what each has and how it helps you.

They are individually make to help different chakras. They are all soothing and calming. They all have different scents and affirmations you can say with them.

The pendant comes with different colored circles you can use to apply the oils to. The pendant allows the scent to come through and calm you. You can wear it as a necklace or place it in your car. If you add it to your cast it freshness up the scent in your car, like a air freshener. Works for two purposes.

Celt Heart has many wonderful handmade products. You can check them out on her website

Christine also has a kickstarter going inn if you’d like to participate check it out

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Cherry skin

Cherry almond handmade soap

How pretty and shiny is this soap?! It lathers really well. You can use it with your hands, washcloth or a loofah. I prefer using it with my hands.

The best part of course, is the scent! I wish you could smell how amazing it is! It has a sweet cherry scent.

It leaves my skin moisturized. No dryness after using it. It is going to become a favorite!

This can be purchased on wholesale on for a great price of $30 for 10 pieces!

Thanks to @lotion_fast for allowing me to try this!
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