Healthy food for Rosy πŸΎ

I don’t mind that the bag is bigger than me! I love that I got the opportunity to try American journey’s grain free Chicken & sweet potato recipe! We love grain free products in our house. This healthy 24lb bag is packed with all the flavors my palate could desire! Have you tried it yet? If not head over to @chewy to get yours!

Thanks @chewy for letting us try this complimentary in exchange for our pawinion!🐾

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A dog treat a day πŸΎ

What’s the saying? A treat a day keeps the dentist away? I hope so because I’m not a fan of the dentist! @whimzeesus daily dental treats helps to reduce plaque & tartar. Best part it’s gluten free and grain free.

Thanks to @chewy for sending us this month supply complimentary for our pawinion!

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Boost your mood

Ever wish you could improve your mood?

ADORAtherapy helps to lift your mood with essential oils. You can change your mood by just smelling a mixture of scents.

Inspired- Freedom of expression, higher creativity, aligned
(Peppermint, Chamomile & Spearmint)

Spray and breathe in to boost your mood. It is a nice scent, that calms you.

Beautiful- Creative, Poised, Joi de Vivre
(Blood orange, Geranium & Jasmine)

Spray and breathe in to boost your mood. It has a nice energizing scent.

Vitality- I belong First Chakra
(A mixture of many scents including lavender, ginger, clove, and more)

Roll on to palms of hands and breathe. Great for meditation and centering the mind.

Each scent provides different feelings. Isn’t it amazing what essential oils can do! What’s your favorite oils?

Thanks @ADORAtherapy for the collaboration!

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Natural children body wash

How do you get your little one to get a good night sleep? Give them a bath with lavender! Lavender is very calming and gives off a tranquil response. My little one had a great sleep after a nice bath with @TubbyTodd Natural hair and body wash.

The scent is really relaxing. The texture lathers nicely in a loofah. It is very gentle on my child’s skin and hair. No tears here!

It is made with lavender and rosemary. It is sulfate free, gluten free and cruelty free. Nothing like being environmentally friendly while caring for your little one!

Thanks @tubbytodd for the collaboration!

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Educational and fun race car

At the end of the day, having your child happy is your biggest objective. As a mother of a boy, I know what toys make him happy but also educate him. Picasso Tiles 2-in-1 Educational Constructable Race Car fits perfectly into my expectations. This car is educational and fun. The electric drill included actually works. You can use it to screw pieces in and out of the car.

This kept my son entertained for hours. It gives you two different options to build the car into. The lights in the car can light up, if you turn on the power in the engine.

We both love it and think it is a great toy for a child. Thanks @picassotiles for letting us try this in exchange for our honest opinion.

You can get yours at

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Want to brighten someone’s day?

How awesome is this Bright box I received! They have adorable boxes you can send out to friends and family or order for your self. You can customize and choose from different options.

They range from $5 to $15, plus free shipping! Want to get your own? Check them out at

Thanks to @brightboxes for the collaboration!

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Cleansing skin care

These beauties are part of my cleansing skin routine. I don’t use them all in one day. I switch it up here and there depending on my needs.

I use @forest_heal Sugar face scrub once a week. It helps to exfoliate my skin, getting rid of dead skin cells. This helps other products reach my pores faster. It has a nice subtle scent. It has a texture that is not too rough on my skin.

I use their Whipping foam cleaner once every other day. It is great for deep cleansing. It makes my skin feel clean and pure after every use. It helps to minimize pores and decrease blackheads.

After my skin is cleansed, I use Forest Heal’s Witch hazel facial toner. It gives my skin a nice refreshed feeling. It helps to even out my skin tone. It is gentle on my skin. It has a light scent.

Have you tried any of @forest_heal products? If you have, which ones?

Thanks to @forest_heal for the collaboration!

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My survival kit + giveaway

Wouldn’t it be perfect to get a box everytime your period comes with everything you need?! Guess what they do exist! This awesome box packed with goodies comes from @my_pms_kit !

It is a subscription box that you customize yourself to fix your monthly needs. You can customize it with pads, tampons, panty liners and menstrual cups. You can customize with tea or chocolate, or both! You can include an essential oil or not.

All boxes comes with something beauty and a adorable bag to carry your monthly needs in. What more could you want?

I customized mine with pads, panty liners, essential oil, tea and chocolate. You get this box for $30, but they do have smaller boxes for $15. Check them out at

To celebrate this amazing box, I’m doing a giveaway courtesy of @my_pms_kit , I will be choosing 5 winners to give codes to get their own box!

To enter:
β€’Follow me @yessy_reviews and @my_pms_kit
β€’like this post
β€’like and comment if you prefer chocolate or tea

This giveaway ends February 26 and will be announced by February 29.

Natural oils

I’m really enjoying @Bajabasics Rose water and Jojoba oil! They have such great benefits. Their products are 100% pure and organic. They are all natural and have no preservatives.

Rose water smells just like roses! I spray it on my skin when I need a quick pick me up. I apply it to my cleansed skin and it tightens my pores. It helps to balance my ph levels. It is a great addition to any skin routine.

Jojoba oil is actually one of my favorites. I use it in my hair and it helps to capture the moisture. It is a great product to use for massages as well. Mix it with a nice massage cream and it glides against your skin.

Thanks to @bajabasics for letting me review it complimentary!

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Skincare routine

I’ve started using a new skincare routine and my skin is loving it. I’m using @Forest_heal skincare products. I start with their Eye gel. It has a firming effect and I’ve noticed some diminish in my underbags, such as decreased puffiness. It is made to brighten your skin and reduce wrinkles.

Next, I apply their Vitamin C serum. It has help to brighten my skin and even my skintone. I have a nice healthy glow after using it for a week so far. It has hyaluronic acid in it, which is one of my favorite ingredients in skincare.

I finish with their moisturizer which has Retinol and Vitamin C in it. It helps to capture the moisture in my skin. I don’t need to reapply. A little bit goes a long way. It aids in brightening my skin.

They have become great additions to my skincare. More to coming to the cleansing portion of my routine.

Thanks @forest_heal @kreassivemarketing @mintseventyfour for the collaboration!!

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