Dirty lamb body butter

Dirty lamb
Organic invisible body milk

*Donate to world animal protection
*Made with natural ingredients

I like how moisturizing this body butter is. It has a creamy consistency that melts as you apply it. It’s scent is a combination of different oils, but not a parfum scent. The combination of the oils allows it to melt on your skin, making it easier to absorb.

My skin feels moisturized and hydrated. It spreads easily without leaving a oily or greasy residue. It is great for any skin type. I apply it at night in my skin. I wake up feeling moisturized and soft.

Thanks to @dirtylambcoffeescrub for allowing me to try this in exchange for my honest review.

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Plant based makeup 🌸

Plant makeup

*Plant shadow mascara
*Chamomile facial toner and body mist
*Rose blush balm
*Hibiscus + beet lip

I love these products from Plant makeup. They’re a small based company that is 100 % natural and plant based. They’re products are beautiful, made with natural colors and smell amazing.

The plant shadow mascara is made with argan oil. Argan oil has many benefits which helps your lashes grow. This mascara doesn’t have a strong toxic scent like most mascara do. It has no scent. It gives my lashes a pretty black color, that doesn’t smudge easily. It’s easy to wash off with warm water. I love how it looks on my lashes.

The chamomile facial toner and body mist smells amazing. It has a very calming scent, as chamomile tends to be great for calming your senses. It is very gentle on my skin. It gives my skin a refreshing feel. It has many uses, as a facial toner, body mist, cleaner and make up remover. Who doesn’t like a product with multiple users?!

The rose blush balm smells just like roses. Why? Because roses are used to make this product. It’s great as a gloss, to give your lips that glossy look, without an over the top shade. It’s a natural peach lip look. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply. It can be used on both your lips and cheeks.

The hibiscus + best lip is another awesome smelling product. It’s a sweet scent. This gives your lips a slightly darker gloss than the rose blush. The beet in the product is what helps give it that darker color. It is slightly smaller in size than the rose blush balm.

Thanks to @plantmakeup for the collaboration. All opinions are my own.

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Honey for the skin

Bloom skincare Green tea & Lavender lotion *Organic * Made with Honey, macadamia & pistachio butters Bloom skincare products are made with Honey. Honey is great for your skin. It is full of antioxidants, naturally antibacterial and very moisturizing. This makes it great for anti aging, acne and moisturizing your skin. These two lotions have different scents although they use similar ingredients. The lavender lotion is slightly sweeter than the tea tree scent. The texture is creamy. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue and a little can go a long way. It leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, after every use. Thanks to @bloomskincare for the collaboration. #bloomskincare #skincare #productreview #organic #honey #parabenfree #lavender #teatree

Refresh your skin

Bloom skincare
Balancing Facial Toner

*Witch hazel
*Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil uses for skin can improve your complexion and leave your skinsoft and supple. When used as a facial toner, it tightens and lifts skin, as well as shrinks large pores.

This toner has a nice subtle lemon scent. It’s very refreshing on my skin. I applied it before applying anything else on my skin. It doesn’t cause any irritations or tingling.

A great refresher throughout the day. This is a great addition to any skincare routine.

Thanks to @bloomskincareofficial for the collaboration.
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Emani vegan cosmetics

Emani Vegan Cosmetics

*Eye trio – Blonde brown
*Illusion quad eye shadow – Sunset Blvd
*Soy mascara- Black
*Hydrating lip color – Inde

I love Emani cosmetics because they are vegan. They are free of talc, parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates. They use plants and oils to make their products and are cruelty free.

The eye trio has three shades of browns that compliment any skin tone. It’s pretty and soft. It has great pigmentation. I can apply it with a brush either alone or together.

I love the illusion quad eye shadow. It has beautiful matte colors that you can apply using a sweeping motion. It is long lasting with a rich pigmentation. The colors are natural and great for any complexion.

I like that the mascara is based with soy. It is natural and better for the environment. You can add a second layer to the tips of your lashes to intensify your look. It has a long lasting effect, that doesn’t smudge easily.

The hydrating lip color provides your lip with moisture, you can’t get from many lipsticks. The color is a luscious neutral color. It goes on smooth. My lips feel soft and nourished when I apply it.

These are beautiful neutrals you can add to your collection, especially if you use vegan makeup.

Thanks to @emanicosmetics for the collaboration.
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#organic #crueltyfree

Baby soft

Bloom skin care
Repairing bee balm

*All natural
*Paraben free

This repairing balm smells delicious! It smells like lemon and honey. It is a solid texture that seems to melt when you use it. It is so soft and great for your skin.

It’s best for areas that are really dry and rough. Some of these areas can be the feet, knuckles, among others. I used it on my feet ands it left them feeling baby soft. To aide in moisturizing, I applied it at night and covered it with socks.

My feet look and feel soft and smooth. It was very pleasant to use and I love how moisturizing it is. If you’re looking for a balm to keep you baby soft, this is a great option.

Thanks to @bloomskincareofficial for allowing me to try this in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Take care of your hands!

Reciprocitee Body balm As a massage therapist, my hands are always extremely dry. This body balm is awesome for my hands. My hands feel smooth and hydrated after every application. I was also able to apply it to my son’s ezcema scars. It didn’t cause any irritations or exacerbation. It was very gentle on my skin. It doesn’t have an apparent scent, so that’s a plus. I don’t need to apply often throughout the day, as it maintains the moisture for hours. I be adding more to my stash, so i can use it regularly at work. Thanks to @reciprocitee for allowing me to try their products in exchange for my honest opinion. #reciprocitee #natural #skincare #productreview #bodybalm


Lizzie’s natural products Loofah How cute is this loofah? I love using loofah because they are great for exfoliating the skin. They help get rid of dead skin cells on the body. The rough fibers in this loofah make it easy to exfoliate without hurting my skin. My skin feels smooth after I used an exfoliate cleanser with the loofah. It’s not too big so you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. It fits perfectly in my hand. Thanks to @productsbylizzie for allowing me to try her products! All opinions are my own. #productsbylizzie #natural #skincare #loofah

Clean large loads

Lizzie’s natural products Laundry pod Time to wash with lizzie’s laundry pod! Can I say how awesome this smells? I was happy to use this to clean my clothes. I tossed it in the washer with a large load. The clothes came out smelling amazing. It smelled clean and fresh. It created enough soap to clean the clothes without having to add extra soap. I liked how simple it was to use. It didn’t make any mess. Thanks to @productsbylizzie for allowing me to try this! #productsbylizzie #natural #laundrypod #clean

Soothe my lips

Lip balm

I love lip balm that have a minty kick to out every time you apply. Reciprocated lip balm gives my lips the kick it needs to stay hydrated and alluring. My lips feel tingly for a few minutes and my i feel like it gives my lips a plump look.

I don’t have to reapply often. The scent is a mix of peppermint and eucalyptus. It’s a white color that goes on clear.

Peppermint and eucalyptus oil are great to use for chapped lips. This lip balm contains both.

Thanks to @reciprocitee for allowing me to try this product.

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