Oh baby! Boxes

As a second time mother, I was so excited when I found out about Oh Baby Boxes! What is it? It is a subscription box service that curates each box according to your due date! Each box contains products valued at over $100 +. Best part each box starts out at just $39.95, such a great value!

Each box helps you on your journey through motherhood.

With so many products, you’ll be sure to enjoy this amazing subscription box. Now let’s get to the wonderful products in my box:

First we have, Aminnah’s Rose Buds and Himalayan Salts Bath Soak. It smells amazing, especially while you’re taking a warm bath!

Next we have, Veise Beauty’s Dream Serum. It it amazing for helping you intensify your pregnancy glow! Who wouldn’t love to have their dream glow?!

My favorite product is the Oh Baby Boxes adorable Mini Boss Onesie! 100% cotton and super soft. I can’t wait for my little one to wear it.

Next comes some support, Oh Baby Boxes maternity belt. Everyone could use some support during and after pregnancy. This beauty has helped me through some heavy days.

Next we have, Z Skin Cosmetics Age Defying Extreme Moisturizer with SPF 45. We know how important it is to keep moisturized and protected from the UV rays. This beauty does that.

Second to last we have, Maskeraide Beauty Restore Nourishing Sheet Mask. This is great because everyone needs a little pampering.

Last we have, Modern Skyn Rose Lip Polish. It is so gentle and smells amazing. I love how it helps to remove dead skin cells on your lips.

If you’d love to get your own Oh Baby Boxes subscription, you can go to WWW.OHBABYBOXES.COM .

Thanks @ohbabyboxes for letting me experience their awesome box!

Isadora cosmetics

Hey beautiful!

Look at this beautiful package I received from the @Isadoraofficial brand a few days ago! I can’t wait to make some looks with these beauties! Stay tuned for my look!

I receive:
👝Isadora cosmetic bag
❣Face sculptor
❣Active all day foundation
❣Stretch lash mascara
❣Eye shadow quartet
❣Glossy eyeliner
❣Twist up gloss stick
❣ Isadora blender

Thanks @bzzagent for this awesome mission! You can find it in @walgreens!

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Fun no mess paint!

Guess whose enjoying his new products from @Kwikstixpaint!

We got a pack of Kwik Stix solid tempera paint and he loves it! He was able to use it without worrying about a mess. No mess = Happy mom!

These paints are awesome for creativity to soar without any mess! They dry quick, with beautiful colors.

Get yours at:
Use code YESSY10 for 10% off your entire purchase!

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Sport theme stroller

How adorable is this @Deltachildren MLB stroller?! I can’t wait for my little one to get here and try it!It is a great size and very lightweight. I love that it is one of our New York teams! It comes in other teams as well.It is easy to open and close. It is easy and light to carry anywhere. A great stroller to travel with.Thanks @Deltachildren!#deltachildren #gifted #mlbstroller #mlbyankees #lightweight #stroller #baby #bloggersofinstagram #nyc #nycinfluencer #babystroller

Baby sleep needs!

Guess whose exciting about the new baby coming?! Me!

With @Lovetodreamusa’s Swaddle up, I feel secure in knowing my baby will be warm and safe. I’m so excited to use it with my little one!

It is super soft and comes in sizes newborn to large. They also have three different stages from newborn to toddler.

Have you tried Love to Dream’s 3 stage sleep system?

Thanks @lovetodreamusa!

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Perfect addition to any baby registry

As a parent or parent to be, the best thing you could receive is a gift set with all your feeding needs! With @Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set, I have all I need to feed my baby.

This kit includes what you need to:
🍼Pump & Store

I love how easy it is to connect the pouches to a variety of pumps from Medela, Avent, Playtex, Evenflo and many more. Then you can store them in the Kiinde Keeper by date. To prepare them you safely heat them in the Kozii. Once ready you connect the pouch to the bottle.

I would encourage you to add this to your baby registry! It’s a must have to make life easier with your little one!

Have you tried @Kiinde products before?

Thanks @Kiinde!

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Relieve a child’s discomfort

It is always hard when your child isn’t feeling well. You do what you can to make them feel comfortable.

With @Winknaturals Chest rub with Lavender, my son was able to get a good night sleep. I just rubbed a decent amount on his chest and the scent helped him rest. It soothed his chest and relieved his discomfort.

Have you tried @Winknaturals products before?

Thanks @Winknaturals!

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Care for yourself

[Gifted]It is important to take care of yourself, health is very important.

Have you ever considered taking a product with CBD to improve your health?CBD offers a range of potential health benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, pain modulation, mood boosting and stress soothing effects.

My partner has been taking @Emtcbd CBD Wellness supplement. It is not recommended to take while pregnant or breastfeeding. He stays on his feet all day as he is a physical therapist. This has helped him in decreasing his swelling he usually has after a long day.The scent is very strong and it is not very tasty. Although in health it’s not about the taste but about aiding your body in improvement and wellness.

Thanks @Emtcbd!

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Do you have a endocannabinoid deficiency?

[Gifted] Did you know it’s possible to have a Endocannabinoid deficiency? It can be caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and chemical dependencies.

Clinical research suggest that this deficiency may contribute to pain, migraines, IBS, fibromyalgia, anxiety and many more conditions.

Products containing CBD can help to alleviate some of the pain. @Emtcbd’s CBD balm with medi-cool recovery helps me alleviate some of my pain.I experience migraines often, and massaging some of the balm into my skin helps the pain dissipate slowly. With the cooling recovery, it’s soothes and refreshes as well.

To get your own go to:

Thanks @Emtcbd!

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Help your babies develop

[Gifted]There’s nothing more precious that helping your child develop early in life. With @babyjackco livery blankets I can help my baby develop their cognitive skills once they come.

Baby Jack’s lovery blankets help them develop through sensory play. It’s great to carry and fun for all ages. My oldest can’t wait to play with the baby and the blanket. It comes in many fun prints and bright colors. Excuse my baby bump.

Have you used a lovery blanket before?

To get your own go to:

Thanks @babyjackco!

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