Vegan lipstick

Civilized cosmetics

Liquid lip suede matte lipstick
How pretty are these lipsticks?! These beautiful lipsticks are nontoxic and vegan! My favorite shade is this beautiful black berry shade. Its the same shade as you guessed it a blackberry! Also my favorite fruit. 
The lipstick is a creamy texture that spreads lightly. One dip is enough to add color to both lips. It gives a beautiful color with a thin layer. It doesn’t have an apparent scent. It has a glossy look to it.
Also these shades ive swatched , are as equally beautiful.  Starting with peony pink,  black berry and spiced chai.  Pretty colors for pretty lipstick,  seems fitting. 
Thank you to @civilizedcosmetics for the collaboration.
#civilizedcosmetics #natural #organic #veganmakeup #nontoxic #beauty #lipstick 


A licensed massage therapist and mother, who loves to review products from all categories such as beauty, toys, baby, home improvement, clothes, health and so much more. I take a week to review products depending on how long the product requires testing. If you would like me to review a product for you feel free to contact me through my email, thank you. Myesssy@Gmail.Com Social media accounts

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