With a hint of honey

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten free
Honey bread

I love eating bread at all times of this day. If I don’t have some type of bread with my meal I don’t feel full. This awesome combination of bread slightly flavored with honey was a big hit with me. It paired well with my meal. It added a slight hint of sweetness.

I loved eating it by itself as well. It was different and unique from other bread I’ve tried. I plan on getting more as soon as I run out. It is one of my favorites.

Thanks to @canyonglutenfree for allowing me to try this!
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Soothing and calming

Celt heart
Soothe moisturizer

This moisturizer was a nice relief while on vacation. Although they said on Rome is more hydrating, I still found my hands dry. I used this moisturizer twice a day. Running it across my palms and then working it into my hands.

It was a little greasy, so it’s best to use less. The greasy freaking goes away after it absorbs and keeps my hands moist and hydrated.

It has a nice calming scent. Almost like a mint soothing scent.

Thanks to @celtheart for allowing me to try her products in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Soft as butter

Brooklyn Bar Body & bath
Body butter

This awesome body butter keeps you so soft! It is whipped so nicely, it melts on your skin. It is a creamy consistency, very lightweight. It isn’t greasy and it doesn’t leave a oily residue.

It has a nice scent. It smells like a combination of essential oils. The scent lasts for a little while but it’s very pleasant.

I like how soft it leaves my skin. It does well on my son’s eczema as well. It leaves his skin soft without causing breakouts. It’s a nice body butter to use day or night.

Thanks to @brooklynbarbodyandbath for allowing me to try their wonderful products!
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