Rubber mask

Charcoal pore purifying rubber mask

*Cruelty free

How awesome is this rubber mask?! It has a few steps to it, but it’s fun and worth it. First you apply a cream pouch that comes above, then place two separate rubber pieces on top. You place one on top of the other and it stays in place.

The cream is nice and creamy. It’s white with a very subtle scent. The mask has a nice light fragrance. It is infused with ingredients to pamper your skin.

I love that I’m able to move around and do things with it on. It stays put while I get things done, so I can multitask. After twenty minutes I removed it and massaged the remaining ingredients into my skin.

It left my skin feeling tight and firm. It left it looking brighter. Im very happy with it!

Thanks to @masqueology for allowing me to try their products in exchange for my honest opinion.
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3 in 1 serum

3 in 1 hair protection serum

This serum contains vitamin-rich Rosehip and Coconut Oils, Wuinoa Protein and Burdock Root Extract.

It helps to moisturize, strengthen and gives shine to damaged hair. My hair is damaged from years of hair dye and other factors. It helps to give shine to my otherwise dry hair. It alleviates done of the frizziness from my curls.

It has a nice scent. It’s pleasant and light. The texture is lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair.

I received this product complimentary for being part of @dermae ambassadors in exchange of my honest opinion.
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Leather Jacket for kids

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Encontrar Boys Faux Leather Jacket Trendy Stand Collar

I like how this fits on my son. He loves the leather jacket. It’s very stylish and trends to always be in fashion.

They come in various sizes for children. I got the biggest size and it fits him great. He can’t wear layers under.

Can be purchased at the following link

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Shining bride highlighter

Skull glam cosmetics
Bride highlighter
Shine highlighter

*Vegan makeup
*Talc & Paraben free
*Cruelty free

How beautful are these highlighters by @skullglamcosmetics1 ?! The whiter one is Shining and the pink rose one is Bride! I love the skull design on the highlighters, it was nicely pressed.

I love the shine it provides with the swatches and looks even better on my face! I will be adding a face view with my look.

I mixed them together and it gives a nice glow. It applies nicely and looks beautful! They blend well and a little goes a long way. I will be adding these highlighters to my favorites!

Thanks to @skullglamcosmetics1 for allowing me to try these beauties!
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Basswood natural
Caffeine infusion coffee eye balm

*Organic ingredients

I’m a big fan of coffee! In my stomach, on my face or on my skin, I just love the refreshing feeling it gives you.

This coffee eye balm has a mixed scent of coffee and shea butter. It’s a nice soft texture that melts on to your skin. It’s slightly greasy, so apply a little and it will go a long way.

I apply it at night and sleep with it on. It is a refreshing feeling, as the caffeine infusion sits under my eyes. When I wake up my eyes look brighter giving it a refreshed look. This helps me look my best even when I didn’t get enough sleep.

The brightening helps give the illusion of less bags. That’s a big plus in my book!

Thanks to @basswoodnaturals for allowing me to try this in exchange for my review! If you’d like to check her out , you can check the link below!

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Relax with heat

Self heating facial treatment mask

*First activate mask by opening and submerging in warm water
*Second start with a few pumps of age reversal gel mask to whole face
*Remove from pack and apply on face with cotton side down

This mask was so much fun! You could feel it working as soon as you place it on your skin. You can hear a slight crackling while it is on your skin. Kind of reminds me of the sound a fireplace makes!

It is a comfortable temperature, that relaxes you while it works. The only part that I didn’t like was the part over my upper lip. It irritated a little but it may be due to my recent break out.

I let it sit for 20 minutes and when I removed it, my skin looked like I was sweating! But it was glowing! My skin feels slightly firmer and brighter. I had so much fun using it and will be using another next week!

Thanks to @chaleurbeauty for allowing me to try their wonderful products.
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Distressed jean jacket

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How amazing does this jacket look on my nephew?! He’s the most adorable model! This mean jacket is very well made and true to size. It fits comfortably and it is very stylish.

On the back it says “Blue is my name”. It looks great and it has a nice distressed look. This jacket can be found on Amazon for a great price of $19.99. It runs from 2T to 8T, and it runs true to size.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.

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