Plant based makeup šŸŒø

Plant makeup

*Plant shadow mascara
*Chamomile facial toner and body mist
*Rose blush balm
*Hibiscus + beet lip

I love these products from Plant makeup. They’re a small based company that is 100 % natural and plant based. They’re products are beautiful, made with natural colors and smell amazing.

The plant shadow mascara is made with argan oil. Argan oil has many benefits which helps your lashes grow. This mascara doesn’t have a strong toxic scent like most mascara do. It has no scent. It gives my lashes a pretty black color, that doesn’t smudge easily. It’s easy to wash off with warm water. I love how it looks on my lashes.

The chamomile facial toner and body mist smells amazing. It has a very calming scent, as chamomile tends to be great for calming your senses. It is very gentle on my skin. It gives my skin a refreshing feel. It has many uses, as a facial toner, body mist, cleaner and make up remover. Who doesn’t like a product with multiple users?!

The rose blush balm smells just like roses. Why? Because roses are used to make this product. It’s great as a gloss, to give your lips that glossy look, without an over the top shade. It’s a natural peach lip look. You can use your fingers or a sponge to apply. It can be used on both your lips and cheeks.

The hibiscus + best lip is another awesome smelling product. It’s a sweet scent. This gives your lips a slightly darker gloss than the rose blush. The beet in the product is what helps give it that darker color. It is slightly smaller in size than the rose blush balm.

Thanks to @plantmakeup for the collaboration. All opinions are my own.

#plantmakeup #crueltyfree #natural #ecofriendly #plantbased #veganmakeup


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