An essence for me

Cy lab

Repairing essence

*No animal testing
*100 % made by own ISO/GMP certified cosmetic factory.

This serum has a important ingredient that many people don’t know about. Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate can help anti-aging, reduce wrinkle and skin rash, makes your skin looks and feels younger. It is great for different types of skin and good for sensitive skin.

I love the bottle.  It’s green,  my favorite color,  beautiful and practical. It’s a great size and comes with a dropper. A little goes a long way so this will last a while. It has no apparent scent.

The consistency is just right and absorbs fast.  It leaves a nice glow behind.  I like to apply it before bed and once I cleanse in the morning.  My skin looks and feels hydrated.  It’s softer and has a nice glow to it. I love this product!

My only issues, the dropper could use some changes. It doesn’t pull up liquid sometimes.

Thanks to @chingyi_cylab for the collaboration!
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Naturally is best

Base beaute

*100 % natural


This amazing smelling cleanser is made with rose water,  essential oils and soapberries. If you haven’t heard soapberries is the most natural way to clean your face. It has a citrus scent.

Soapberries or Soapnut or reetha is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda. It is all natural, and eco-friendly. When it comes in contact with water, it creates mild suds that resemble soap. it has so many uses and its so gentle on the skin.

My skin feels so clean after using Base beaute’s cleaner.  Even better I don’t have to worry about chemicals on my skin.

Lip & cheek flush & blush

This peppermint flush and blush is made from beetroot powder and hibiscus.  It is what gives it,  it’s natural color.  No need to worry about dye coloring in your beauty products!

It also has peppermint in it,  which hives it that sweet minty taste.  I love how my lips feel and look,  naturally flushed.    My cheeks like I’m naturally blushing. I can look pretty without looking like I tried to hard.  Natural beauty is always beautiful.

Thanks to @basebeaute
For the collaboration.

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Great for your skin!

I love how Essance revitalizing serum leaves my skin feeling.  My skin feeling moisturized and soft.  I love the glow it’s added to my skin after using it a few weeks. 

This facial serum has a light subtle scent.  It doesn’t leave my skin sticky or greasy. I love how the bottle stays cool and it leaves my skin feeling cool after use. 
There are three types of omega fatty acids: omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9.These fatty acids are important in skin care because they affect how an oil behaves on the skin. They are considered essential nutrients for the skin.

Thanks to @essanceskincare for the collaboration.