Keeps you guessing


By Miranda Beverley – Whittemore

An amazing book that captures your attention with so many twists.  It flows from 1955 to 2005 and back. It flows perfectly through the many love stories that will keep you guessing throughout. 

There are many times were i felt like i had figured it out and ended up more surprised and twisted. All in all it keeps you guessing the whole time which is am amazing quality to seek in a story. 

There is such a bitter sweet story that develops in the beginning that causes so much drama. The story stays with you even when it ends.
I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion. 


Magnify yourself

LED Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror, Bukm Touch Screen 38 LED Bathroom Cosmetic Magnifying Mirrors With Removable 10x Magnification Spot Mirror, Battery Or USB Powered (Black)
Such a beautiful mirror for such a pretty girl! Its a pretty mirror that would make anyone who uses it feel pretty. 

It comes with a switch to control the power to the mirror. There’s a light button on the front used to dim the lighting on the mirror when you hold it. It’s easy to use.  It can be powered by the double A batteries that are included or usb power. This is convenient if you prefer not to use batteries. 
It has a 180 degree knob on the back of the mirror that connects to the stand. This is great because you can turn the mirror in any direction to make it easier for you. It’s fully adjustable. 

As if that wasn’t enough it comes with a small attachable round mirror that magnifies times 10. Perfect for looking deep into those pores.
It’s a perfect addition to any vanity. 
Can be found on amazon. 

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Soft and silky

This is the first coffee scrub i try that isn’t brown and doesn’t smell purely of coffee.  Although one of the main ingredients is arabica coffee,  the combination of dead sea minerals,  almond oil, and grape seed oil gives it a unique scent. 
Almond oil has vitamin b which is perfect for the skin. Dead sea minerals help the skin to retain moisture. Coffee gives you the extra boost you need in the morning as well as tightens skin and reduces cellulite. Grape seed oil helps to restore collagen. 

I love the way it feels on my skin.  I apply it to wet skin and massage it throughout my whole body. I let it sit on my skin for about ten minutes and then rinse it off.  It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. 

Can be found on amazon at the following link

Healthier and softer dogs

Winter tends to dry out my dog’s skin and cause extra shedding due to the itching and scratching. I decided to try Calily Life organic oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.  I love that it includes conditioner,  as that is my main need for my hair.  Dogs should have soft hair too!

I washed it and rinsed it off her fur and allowed it to air dry after i towel dried it. It left her fur feeling so soft and easy to manage. I was able to run my fingers through her fur with no issues. I made sure to keep it out of her eyes even though she fights during the shower.  

It helps to deeply condition their fur and promote healthy skin.  It promotes soft fur. I love that it has dead sea minerals to make their skin healthier,  as most of my products also have this. 

Can be found on amazon at the following link

Albrillo Kids Night Light Baby Lamp with Tap Sensor, Color Changing and Dimmable Warm White, Mushroom Style

I love the design of Albrillo kids light baby lamp with tap sensor.  It has the option to charge the base to seven different colors.  It has a unique to that can be tap to press on and off. The base has a button labeled seven colors to turn on the color option. 

The back of the lamp has the option for on and off.  It is where you will find the usb insertion section. The lamp can be charged by usb. It’s very convenient because you don’t need to use batteries to use the lamp. The option to charge makes it easy to use and place in any room. 
I use it in my son’s room to give him enough light to do his homework.  He uses it at times at night to give him light until he falls asleep.  The color changing option is fun for them.  It allows them to have a variety of colors. 

After charging it for about an hour,  it can last through the night. It comes well packaged and with the usb you need to charge the lamp with.

Reduce puffiness

It’s a breathe of fresh air , literally in a small jar. It smells clean and fresh as soon as you open it.  It has a creamy thin texture. You don’t need to use a lot because a little goes a long way.  Don’t let the size turn you off because it will last for a while. 

I applied it under my eyes before bed.  In the day my eyes looked less puffy and lighter.  It has natural dead sea minerals and organic extract to help reduce wrinkles,  under eye circles and puffiness. 

After a few days my eyes aren’t as puffy and dark.  I will continue to use Calily Life hyaluronic acid eye cream as part of my night routine. 

A book about you! 

When God made you

By Matthew Paul Turner
This is such a beautiful book! The type of children’s book that would keep any child’s attention.  I read this with my nine year old and he had so much fun reading it.
It’s the perfect length for a child.  It doesn’t have too much writing on each page.  The illustrations are beautiful and very creative. The pictures are full of color and life.

Not only would a child enjoy this, but anyone that needs something to make them smile.
This is a great book to explain to your child why and how God made them.
I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.